Top 10 Careers for Women Over 40

  • Posted on February 12, 2012 at 11:33 pm

If you’re a woman over 40 you may find yourself considering a new career or wanting to advance your current career. Online classes are an excellent way to get and further your education. Many women over 40 find this is the time they can focus on themselves. The kids are raised, their husband’s career is set, or they have found themselves divorced and needing to support themselves. As you approach the second half of your life, you may also want to get out of a dead end job and start a brand new career. a recent article on AOL finance, Author Lita Epstein shared More Magazine’s top 10 careers for women over 40, and the top reasons women go back to school after 40 to earn an undergraduate or graduate degree. Some of the main reasons include wanting more fulfillment in their careers, build up their 401Ks, enter a field with a growing future, and have a flexible schedule. Here are the top 10 careers for women over 40 according to More Magazine:

  1. Community Service Coordinator/Manager – this includes Program Director and Volunteer Coordinator.
  2. Personal Finance Advisor – help people invest and manage their money.
  3. Environmental Scientists – this is a hot job market with all of the emphasis on living and working green.
  4. Computer and Information Systems Manager – this field ranges from managing an IT department to Chief Technology Officer.
  5. Education Administration – this field is usually entered by teachers who become principles and superintendents.
  6. Strategic/Crisis Communication Professional – these professionals help to coordinate and plan crisis relief plans and preparedness plans.
  7. Accountingaccounting careers include CPA, government, business, and private accounting.
  8. Human Resources Specialist – this degree enables you to become a Benefit Coordinator, Compensation Manager, and Job Analyst.
  9. Registered Nurse – this is one of the hottest job sectors. The medical field is one of the fastest growing job sectors and RNs are always in demand.
  10. Small Niche Farmer – more then 10,000 small farms are founded each year. If you want to “unplug” and start your own business this may be a job for you. your reason for wanting to start over or advance your career, going back to school after 40 is a great idea. If you’ve been a homemaker all of these years, you may qualify for grants and scholarships to fund your education. Also since you’ve had some life experience ask your school if you can get college credit for what you’ve learned from life. Many colleges offer life experience credits you can use toward a degree. Don’t look at 40 as the end, but the start of the second half of an exciting life.

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